A Man Like No Other

Full of love, full of grace, full of Christ…there’s nothing more reminiscent and more of a reflection of who my Tata was than by the display of his fight for life, and his love for his family.

For the many years that I have known my Tata, he woke up every morning with a smile, a zest for life and a goal for each day. He always had something to do, some problem to solve, and some type of engine to repair.

Daniel Nunez Sr.

He exemplified high character and a strong work ethic even though he wasn’t employed by the time I got to know him. It all started when he was a young man working the fields and learning how to use his hands as tools to provide for his family.

My Tata often shared with us the importance of hard-work and the satisfaction that comes with.

His stories were told with great conviction and detail, and always left you wanting more. The story of how he met my Nana and his quest for her love never got old. It was the sweetest and most endearing story of them all.

Many people admire him for his humility and his unconditional love for others. His legacy will most certainly include multiple accounts of how he bailed people out of situations by offering his time, service and money. Hands down, he was the most generous person I had ever known.

It was a tradition for him to speak at his birthday celebrations while being surrounded by his many grandchildren and great grandchildren to share a few words of wisdom. Most of the time he spoke about his gratitude for the family and his desire for us to love and care for one another.

Daniel Nunez Sr.

I was often told by my mom and many of my Tio’s and Tia’s of how they journeyed from Arizona to California farming and picking for hours at a time during the summer months. But – when it was time to take a break and enjoy life, he always made sure to do all he can to let his kids know that life is meant to be enjoyed.

And because of those ideals that were passed down to our parents, we often took large family trips to Cave Springs in Oak Creek Canyon for week-long camping trips full of late night laughs, stories, and early morning fishing. Now, we all have our own little family traditions along with new stories to tell.

We often celebrated birthdays and Easter Sundays at Thunderbird Mountain Park where the tables were lined with food instead places to sit and eat. We rode ATV’s, played volleyball, horseshoes, and most of all sat and laughed until the sun set. I never wanted to leave. I always got a little sad on the drive home.

Nunez – Camacho – Rivas Family Reunion

I spent most of my childhood life in my Tata’s home and under his guidance. My Tata’s influence can be found in many, and in many you’ll see their love for him.

I’ve learned how to care for my wife, our children, and how to love others unconditionally and intentionally all because my Tata was a man like no other.

His love and legacy will live on forever and ever in our hearts and in our stories.

Now resting with our Lord is Daniel Nunez Sr. – We love you!

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  1. Beautifully Written, Chuy! You are blessed to have been so positively influenced by such a wonderful man! Love, prayers & hugs to you and the family, Brother. ♥️

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